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ACT Lab gathering - Fall 2019

ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Sydney Hornitschek presents her work, “3-D printed components in instrumentation and method development for air quality measurements” at the McKelvey School of Engineering STEM Poster Palooza, summer 2019. Sydney was advised by PhD student Audrey Dang. Her poster was awarded 3rd place in the field of 60 undergraduate posters. See press announcement here.


Chris Oxford participates in his PhD hooding ceremony, Spring 2019.


ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Jazmin Simpkins presents her work, "E-Cig aerosols and their implications on human health" at the EECE Summer Poster Session (July, 2018).  Jazmin is a student at Harvard University and is participating in the Washington University Summer Engineering Fellowship (WUSEF) program.


ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Fengbo (Bob) Zhao presents his work, "Designing positive matrix factorization and mass spectral analysis tools" at the EECE Summer Poster Session (July, 2018).  Bob is a WashU student participating in the InCEES Summer Internship program.


ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Skyler Simon presents her work, "Seasonal changes in organic aerosol composition in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia" at the EECE Summer Poster Session (July, 2018).  Skyler is a WashU student participating in research through a WashU Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA).


Celebrating successful setup during the ACRONIM2 research study of indoor/outdoor air exchange and chemistry, summer 2018.


All the grad, undergrad, and postdoc crew for their great efforts to make the project successful.

Prof. Glenn Morrison for the homemade hooch

Prof. Williams’ family for dedicating patience to the cause


ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Michelle Molina (right) presents her work, "Chemical composition of electronic cigarette liquids and aerosols" at the WashU Undergrad Research Symposium (October, 2017).  Also present for the symposium is proud graduate mentor Claire Fortenberry (left).


ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Riley Martell (left) presents her work, "Development and field deployment of the Volatility and Polarity Aerosol Mass Spectrometer" at the WashU Undergrad Research Symposium (October, 2017).  Also present for the symposium is proud graduate mentor Michael Walker (right).


ACT Lab undergraduate researcher Skyler Simon (right) presents her work, "Chemical characterization of biomass burning organic aerosol collected above and below forest canopy" at the WashU Undergrad Research Symposium (October, 2017).  Also present for the symposium is proud graduate mentor Audrey Dang (left).


ACT Lab members Michael Walker and Riley Martell showed their superhero skills as they deployed the Volatility And Polarity Separator (VAPS) instrument to the Jefferson St. air quality monitoring station in Atlanta, GA during the summer of 2017.  They also operated the instrument in a laboratory study of secondary organic aerosol production at Georgia Tech.  Both studies were in collaboration with the research group of Prof. Sally Ng at Georgia Tech.

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